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Humble Indie Bundle X Review


Reus (BTA) Review:

If you have ever wanted to shape a world to your whim so that a people may grow and thrive on it, then Reus is a game for you. Everything takes place on a single planet that has awakened to find itself barren. In response it summons four giants to terraform the lifeless rock into something suitable for people. Of course humans require more than just a place to live, so you will need to exploit the giants' powers to place resources around the planet where villages can access them.

It is an interesting twist on the strategy genre as you place the resources instead of exploiting them, but that does not mean you can neglect them. Resources can have symbiotic connections to those around it, so you want to be careful where you place the different patches in order to take advantage of those bonuses. Also each village only has borders so large, so you will have to be mindful of the size limitation.








Adding to the depth of the gameplay are mechanics such as greed and challenges. When a village becomes too greedy from the resources you have made available to it, the people will go to war in order to claim the resources of another village. This is not necessarily something you want to happen. The challenges are a bit more positive though, as they are special projects the villages will work on. These projects have certain resource requirements, so to complete them you may have to step in and replace some patches or apply aspects, which boost the resources of what you have previously placed. Completing a challenge grants an Ambassador, which can be placed on a giant to unlock abilities.

On the surface, Reus looks like a nice, fun game with a childish aesthetic. That impression can fade away once you are through the tutorials and in a real game, and you find how complicated it really is. It will probably take some time to master the game and learn the intricacies, and how to best exploit them.



The soundtrack is not doing much to impress me, but that is not a bad thing. You have enough to pay attention to on the screen, so an impressive soundtrack could split your attention. Well, at least that is the case for me; perhaps you can hear the music in a simulation/strategy game as you play, but not me.

Is Reus a game to beat the average for? If you enjoy simulation strategies, then it most definitely is. It is an innovative concept that is approachable, but still has the depth a seasoned gamer will want. Even if you are not too keen on such games, you should probably give this game a chance if you get it.

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