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Humble Indie Bundle X Review


To the Moon Review:

You have the chance to change your memories before you die, so you can accomplish that one thing you always wanted. What would you want changed? For Johnny in To the Moon, he wants to go to the Moon. He does not know why he wants to go, but you still have to do what you can to make it happen.

To the Moon is an adventure title with some RPG elements in it, and all set in a 16-bit world. The game's story is everywhere and complicated. Pay attention as you play to find the symbols, or just play the game again to recognize what the different details mean. The game does help you spot the important clues though, as you need them to travel through Johnny's memories; the reason they are important may not be apparent at first.

Being 16-bit, there is not much to say about the graphics. All I can say is that it would have been nice if there were an option to play in a window, instead of a stretched fullscreen.

The soundtrack, however, is a bit easier to comment on. I find it to be quite beautiful and complements the story excellently.

Unfortunately I have not been able to take any screenshots of the game. I do not know why this is, which makes it somewhat difficult to overcome. Sorry.

Does To the Moon justify purchasing the bundle? Yes, I believe so, but I may be a little bias. Story is very important to me and the story of To the Moon is amazing. Unlike the other games in this bundle, I completed this one because I wanted to see the conclusion. It took me about three hours to complete, and was worth it. I can definitely recommend the bundle just for this game, if you are interested in good, story-focused games.

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