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Humble Indie Bundle X Review


Papo & Yo Review:

A child's imagination can be a wondrous thing, as it allows them to go to impossible places or do impossible things where they are. Papo & Yo follows Quico, a young boy as he explores his imagination with his best friend named Monster. Normally Quico is not afraid of Monster, and has no reason to be, but Monster loves to eat frogs, including poisonous frogs. This poison causes Monster to lose control and live up to his name.













The game is a puzzle-adventure title saturated with a sad story. Cannot say much without getting into spoilers, though. What I can say is that while the story is done well, the game is lacking when it comes to a narrative. If you are able to recognize the story for any reason, you will understand why you should be moving forward in the game, and where you are going. Without that understanding though, you are not going to know what is happening and why it is happening, and the game does not help you much with that. At least not until you have already invested about an hour, but by then some people can be lost and give up playing.

The game does have a fair number of graphics settings you can tinker with. Naturally I set everything to the maximum setting. At times I did notice some severe stutter, which appeared to be specific to certain areas within the game or when the game is loading. That likely means it is not as well optimized as one would hope, but it is not all that bad. Just do not be surprised if it starts crawling along in some places. It will get better.



I cannot quite put a finger on what to call the sound of the soundtrack. I can say that it fits the plot-of-imagination perfectly with soft, distant sounds like you are hearing them through a dream.

Is Papo & Yo a title to make the bundle worth buying? On the whole, I am going to have to say no because of the weak narrative. The game is focused on its story, but without similar focus on the storytelling, it is hard to recommend it. Not impossible to recommend, just harder to.

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