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Humble Indie Bundle X Review


Joe Danger 2: The Movie Review:

Lights. Camera. Action! Expect to hear that a fair amount as you play Joe Danger 2: The Movie, where you run through movie sets filled with Screen Actors Guild violations. Earn points with stunts and by finding collectibles that have been strewn about the various environments.

Joe Danger is something like a hybrid action-racing game, as you jump, duke, and speed through numerous obstacles, and occasionally run into nuclear missiles to disarm them, like you do. Each course does have a par completion time, but I cannot imagine it matters much except for perfectionists. After all, your time is not shown to you until after you complete a level, but then you are also ranked against how quickly other players completed the same level.










The sets for the levels definitely vary as you can be in caves for one sequence, a snow covered mountain the next, and even back in time with dinosaurs. The cartoony aesthetic never changes though, and neither does the camera equipment you will find every now and then.

You may notice in some of the screenshots that the game is showing controller buttons. While I was indeed using a controller, the reason is because those buttons are always shown. It appears Joe Danger 2 is one of those ports, but at least it is possible to view and edit the controls. If I studied the keyboard layout, I could probably play the game with my keyboard, but it is just easier to give in and grab my F310.


Actually the game is pretty nice about options. You can change a variety of graphical options, including post processing, shadows, and anti-aliasing. So for ports it could be worse, but the controller buttons being shown is still annoying.

Now, ignoring that one annoyance, Joe Danger is definitely a fun and enjoyable game. Its casual nature helps with that too, as there is really no punishment from a less-than-perfect playthrough. You can just start it up and play. Is the bundle worth getting just for this? Yes, I think so.

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