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Humble Indie Bundle 9 Review



With each game covered separately, it is time to consider the bundle as a whole. Is the Humble Indie Bundle 9 worth purchasing? Yes it is. Trine 2: Complete Story is an enjoyable puzzler with beautiful graphics and a gameplay design that lets you play at your own pace; hunt down every secret or just reach the end and return later. Mark of the Ninja also lets you control your gameplay experience, as you choose to vanquish your foes or sneak past them. FTL: Faster Than Light offers a randomized experience each time you start a new game, which will probably happen a lot as it mercilessly tests your ability to captain a spaceship. These three, individually, make the bundle worth purchasing.

Eets Munchies also offers an enjoyable game experience, but lacks the gameplay experience for it to stand out from the bundle. Being a beta though, it may be worth playing just to experience a pre-release game and to go bug hunting. Brütal Legend, however, is still buggy despite having been released four years ago. If you can look past the flaws though, it definitely has the potential to be an enjoyable game, but ideally you should not have to look past anything.

FEZ is simply not an easy game for me to recommend. It is enjoyable, yes, but it is mired in odd design choices that plague the gamer with nonsensical puzzles and a confusing story that does little to explain the world. If you get the bundle, go ahead and play FEZ, but the bundle includes far better games that deserve your attention first.

Overall the 4+2 bundle is worth purchasing and beating the average for. Of the base games, only Brütal Legend really has any negatives to it, in my opinion. FTL: Faster Than Light offers an experience that makes beating the average worth the few dollars more you will have to pay.

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