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Humble Indie Bundle 9 Review


Trine 2 Review:

If you stop and think about your friends, you may start to wonder how some of them came to be your friends. In Trine 2, the reason Amadeus, Pontius, and Zoya are friends is because in the original game, they were bound to the mystical artifact named the Trine. That bound still exists and has called the three back to action!

The game features a combination of action, puzzle, platforming, and side-scrolling gameplay that is only possible to survive by leveraging the different skills of the characters. Amadeus the Wizard has the ability to move objects and summon blocks and planks. Pontius the Knight is always eager and ready to fight with his sword, shield, and hammer. Zoya the Thief has a grappling hook to swing over traps as well as a trusty bow for dispatching enemies at range. Switching between them is as easy as pressing a key.










Though there are times to fight and even bosses, much of the gameplay is centered around the puzzle and platforming aspect of the game. That is if you want to find everything. Experienced is earned by picking up blue orbs or vials, which can drop from enemies, but are also found scattered throughout the world. A keen eye will spot them, but sometimes only a keen mind will be able to reach them. Fortunately you can go back and replay any level after beating it once and search out the experience and other secrets. Collecting enough experience unlocks a skill point, which you can deposit into a character's skill tree, or save for more expensive abilities. These abilities include improved weapons and allowing Amadeus to summon more objects. Trine 2 also supports online and local co-op multiplayer, for when you want to enjoy it with friends.

The graphics of Trine 2 are impressive. At the highest settings at least, everything has a high amount of detail; environment and characters. The lighting is also amazing as rays fill the screen or torches light a single area. Water, which is used in some puzzles, is a physics objects, so it rolls and flows realistically, while also bending what light passes through it. Trine 2 has a graphically rich game-world, to say the least.

The soundtrack is also impressive, with full driving tones, though never to the point of losing the fantasy nature of the game.

From what I have experienced thus far, Trine 2 is definitely an enjoyable game and I look forward to jumping back into it. Is it worth getting the bundle just for this game? Almost certainly. Have some friends to join you, and that will make it even more worth getting.

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