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Humble Indie Bundle 12 Review



With the individual reviews covered, does the Humble Indie Bundle 12, as a whole, deserve to be purchased, and at what level? Two of the three base games, Gunpoint and Hammerwatch, are both titles I would recommend to anyone interested. The third game, SteamWorld Dig, has the issue of being a game for explorers, so if you are not one, you may not want to get it. If you are though, it is pretty easy to recommend.

Of the BTA games, LUFTRAUSERS stands out the best, as its addicting gameplay is something I think many gamers would enjoy. Papers, Please is also a game I recommend picking up the bundle for, if you are ready for its style of gameplay. Gone Home left me undecided. It is a well-done, story-focused game, but it just never quite grabbed me, as some others have. Still it is well done, so if you do beat the average, it is worth checking out.

Prison Architect has the set cost of $10, making it an outlier as price is concerned, but it is also an outlier in terms of quality. It is definitely the most complex and deep game of those in the bundle. However, it does have the issue of requiring players to enjoy simulation games and be okay with an early access title. If that is not you, then you do not need to get this game, but if you do enjoy simulation titles, I think you will not consider the money wasted.

All together the bundle is decent, but its strength seems to mostly be in the base games and Prison Architect. The BTA titles are good, but the trio is just not that strong, compared to the base.

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