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Humble Indie Bundle 12 Review


Papers, Please (BTA) Review:

Somehow I doubt many people would think that an immigration-inspection simulation game would even exist, yet here we have Papers, Please. Before going any further, I would like to say that this game has been of interest to me for a while, and I have been waiting to see it in a Humble Bundle to purchase it.

The premise of Papers, Please is pretty simple, in that you have won the job of immigration officer for the fictional country Arstotzka, and spend your time letting people in or turning them away. The faster you work the more money you make, which is important for keeping your family from starving or freezing to death. Naturally there are factors that complicate the process, slowing you down.

At first you just have to check to make sure the people coming in have the proper paperwork. As terrorists attack and political tensions develop, things become more complicated with body scans and work permits being required. Further slowing the work is the requirement of identifying why you reject someone. Incorrect dates, cities, pictures, etc., can all get someone rejected, but you have to identify that as the reason.










Helping you, to a point, is the guide of rules and regulations. It contains the list of criteria that must be met each day and the passport-issuing cities in every nation. Eventually you may come to memorize these places, but you will still have to find the page and connect the information identifying discrepancy.

While the game may sound boring so far, it is actually pretty fun. The gameplay is simple, but builds on itself in an interesting way, and your progression is tied to your actual performance. This is not a game of luck, but actual skill, so you will get better as you play, and want to keep playing to keep improving. Also it can be somewhat amusing when people try to bribe you with tickets to strip clubs, and one guy who keeps returning with obviously faked or incomplete papers. Why does he want to get in? Because Hail Arstotzka!

Should you stamp Accepted on the bundle for Papers, Please? I would. It is a fun, if somewhat odd game that does what it does well. Definitely worth checking out, but you should be somewhat aware of what you are getting into. This is a game designed to get you addicted to it, so if you do not mind that happening, then have fun.


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