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Humble Indie Bundle 12 Review



If you are looking for a flight simulating shooter, LUFTRAUSERS would not be it because there is no way a real plane could make some of these maneuvers. Also there is no such thing as a melee airplane body.

You control your Rauser with four buttons. The left and right arrow keys turn you in that direction, while the up arrow key engages the engine. The X key is used to fire whichever weapon you have equipped. While it may be tempting to just keep the thrust going all of the time, it is very important to let off the up arrow and actually stall your plane. When stalled you can spin around very quickly and pull off some awesome maneuvers. Stalling really is a fun mechanic.

To help keep the gameplay interesting, you are given three missions to complete. These can be as simple as killing so many enemies or getting so high a score, but they can also become very tricky. For example, one mission requires killing so many enemies while on fire, which gave me a really hard time. Honestly, I would believe it if the mission were bugged. I swear I killed at least thirty enemies while on fire before it finally agreed that I killed the required ten. Fortunately, while some of these can seem impossible at first, they are tied to the parts you unlock.










As you unlock parts, you gain the ability to choose your weapon, body, and engine. Examples would be the beam weapon, which cuts through lines of enemies; the nuke body, which destroys everything on the screen when you die; and the gungine, which uses bullets to propel the plane. Each part has its advantages and disadvantages, along with its own set of missions. For many of the weapon and engine missions though, the nuke body is the answer.

Before I found out that the missions are tied to the parts, I was getting very frustrated with the game because I could not see how to continue. The gameplay is still somewhat addicting though, especially as it is quick to get into and play. Just push the up button a couple times, and you are in the air, destroying everything you can, from other planes to battleships, using the parts you have selected.

One thing that is a little awkward and thus irritating is that the options menu is hidden. You have to be at a specific screen and press the O key to bring it up. Why it is not accessible all the time, or tied to the ubiquitous Escape key, I do not know.

Should you beat the average for LUFTRAUSERS? I am going to say yes, if you are interested in an arcade-y shooter. The game is just addicting and does a good job of satisfying that itch you can get for something simple, yet destructive.


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