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Humble Indie Bundle 12 Review


Gone Home (BTA) Review:

Gone Home is the story-focused game of the bundle as it has you exploring the home you have returned to after a year abroad. You expected to find your family there, waiting to welcome you back, but instead the house is empty. By searching the so-called 'psycho house,' you will uncover the details of your family's life and what has happened to your parents and younger sister.

The first thing I did after launching the game was check out the settings, where I was pleasantly surprised by the graphics options. Texture filtering, anti-aliasing, bloom, motion blur, and more were all options I could control, which just rarely seems to be the case for a lot of indie games. (Of course a number of indie games do not need so many options, either.) Under controls I also found check boxes for mouse acceleration and mouse smoothing. Both were checked by default, so naturally I turned them off. When I started playing the game I noticed that the mouse speed seemed inconsistent, even though those options were off. I turned up the sensitivity, which helped, but the speed still fluctuated. Then I realized why.











As you explore the house, you will come across many objects you can interact with, such as cassette tapes, letters, and books. Every time your cursor passes over one, it slows down. While this is helpful for finding objects, it would be nice if there was an option to disable this, like the object highlighting and text description. (It can be worth leaving the descriptions on, as some are actually your character's comments on the items, and not just what they are.)

When I first got into the game, I naturally started exploring the house, checking every door, light switch, and drawer. At first this worked out very nicely, as there was always another room to search through, which would eventually lead to another. Near the end though, I had been most everywhere, so instead of exploring where I had not been before, I was searching for something I had missed. True, it did not take me long to find what I needed, but it felt a little odd to suddenly change from the openness of exploring to 'where is that thing I need to advance.' With how much there is for you to examine, it can be hard to spot that one item you need.


Is Gone Home a game worth beating the average for? I cannot say it is. It is definitely a game worth spending an hour-and-a-half to two hours in, if you have it, but it just never really grabbed me. It is a well-made story-based game, but it lacks points that make it compelling to play. Still, it is well-done and so deserves some attention.


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