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Humble Indie Bundle 12 Review


SteamWorld Dig Review:

Years and years ago I played an arcade game named Dig Dug and today I feel a little like I have returned to that world. SteamWorld Dig has you playing as Rusty, a robot who has recently arrived in the town built atop his uncle's mine. Having passed away, Rusty's uncle left the mine to him, leaving you the task of mining and exploring underground. Find whatever resources you can, to not only upgrade yourself, but breathe new life into the town, and ultimately survive the threats you will unearth.

As you recover resources, like copper and iron, you will be able to turn them in for money and unlock new equipment. Better pickaxes, lanterns, armor, and larger pouches can all be purchased, but there are also some technologies you have to find. These are technologies your uncle left you, and are hidden underground in specially marked caves. Unmarked caves contain a puzzle of one kind or another.











Naturally, better tools allow you to mine harder blocks and dig faster. Exactly how fast can be seen on the minimap, which has a line denoting the number of strikes the average block will take in a section. That minimap is definitely useful when trying to find your way back to the surface, which you have to do to refill your lantern and empty your pouch.

There is some combat in the game, but not much and it is obviously designed with the idea that mining tools are not very effective weapons. Nothing wrong with that, at least until you come up against tougher enemies that require some strategy.

Death is an issue, but personally I find it to be more annoying than a punishment, which is fine. When you die you are resurrected in the town, at a cost, and have to hurry back to recover the resources you dropped.


While the gameplay is fun and addicting to a degree, it does have the interesting issue of not putting forth a goal. For someone who enjoys games with a lot of exploration, this should not be a problem, but for someone expecting there to be an end at some point, the end may not come soon enough.

Does SteamWorld Dig stand out enough to make the bundle worth purchasing? I cannot decide. I am definitely having fun with it and I would say it is a good game, but I also feel that the gameplay may be just niche enough that the average gamer may not enjoy it much. If you believe you would enjoy it, definitely get the bundle and give it a chance. If you are looking for something with a bit more straight-forward action though, then this may not be the game for you.

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