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Humble Indie Bundle 12 Review

Price: ~$7.91


Looking to add to your game library without eating into your budget? We may just have the answer for you in the form of the Humble Indie Bundle 12. Like other bundles Humble Bundle puts out, this follows a pay-what-you-want model, with some content locked behind price points. No matter how much you pay though, you have the ability to customize where the money goes. If you want to support the developers; Humble Bundle; or the two featured charities, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play Charity; just move the sliders or type in the amount you want to send.

This bundle contains 3+3+1 games, with three base games being included at any price, three more games requiring you beat the average price to obtain, and one game locked behind $10.00 or more. The base games are Gunpoint, Hammerwatch, and SteamWorld Dig, and the BTA games are Gone Home, LUFTRAUSERS, and Papers, Please. The $10 title is the early access game Prison Architect. All of these games are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as both DRM-free and as Steam keys (if you pay over $1.00).

With so many games available at different prices, the question is which make the bundle worth purchasing and at what cost? We will try to answer that question in this review, but there is something important to note. Because the bundle is only available for a limited time, I have not played each game to completion. Instead I played until I felt confident that I could produce an accurate review of the title.

With all of that covered, time to get to the reviews!

  1. Humble Indie Bundle 12 Review - Introduction
  2. Gunpoint Review
  3. Hammerwatch Review
  4. SteamWorld Dig Review
  5. Gone Home (BTA) Review
  7. Papers, Please (BTA) Review
  8. Prison Architect ($10.00+) Review
  9. Humble Indie Bundle 12 Review - Conclusion
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