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Humble Indie Bundle 11 Review


Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine (BTA) Review:

Monaco is a stealth action game in which you control a member of a group of thieves. Each member has their own specialty, such as the Locksmith being able to pick locks faster and the Cleaner being able to knockout unsuspecting people. The goal is pretty simple: steal loot and escape.

The gameplay is about as simple as the concept, which is excellent as it makes every heist that much more approachable. Once you pick your character, just jump into the game and have fun, but be careful not to be seen having that fun. Guards will attack you once they see you are a threat. This may mean punching you or shooting you. Either way, unless you have a weapon, you have to run.

By the way, you cannot permanently deal with a guard. Those knocked out by the Cleaner will eventually wake up and even those you kill can be revived by other guards (a process accompanied by a less-than-pleasant sound). Unless you can kill every guard on a level, it is best to just avoid them, which is not altogether difficult. Guards take a moment to recognize you as a threat, so just turn and sneak away before they are alerted.

The story has some humor to it, brought out by the conversations the thieves have before each mission. They each have a personality and voice, well, except for the Cleaner. Let us just say he is the silent partner in the endeavor. Silent and deadly.

Honestly it is hard to say much about the gameplay other than it is as I would hope it would be. Truly I have no criticisms of it. It is simple, well-designed, and well-implemented, and I look forward to playing more. I can mention that the game does have a built-in level editor, so you can build your own jobs to share with the world. Monaco also features Steam Workshop integration, for easily finding and downloading player-made jobs. Also the developers have added to the game since its original release with an 'Enhanced' version, which is meant to rebalance the gameplay based on community comments, and 'Zombico.' You can probably guess what the latter is.

The graphics are fairly simple, like they are just an updated version of an old arcade game. The soundtrack has different styles to it, but mostly sounds like the music from old silent films, such as the Great Train Robbery, which I am certain was the intent of the developers.

Is Monaco a reason to beat the average? For the amount of fun I have had so far and expect to have as I play more, I believe it is. It is an enjoyable experience that can be played either when you just have some spare time, or hours you can invest in something. Definitely recommended.

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