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Humble Indie Bundle 11 Review



Some people may want to say that to play Antichamber, one should think outside of the box. My suggestion would be to forget there is a box, because in this game, just looking in a different direction will change the environment.

As you can suspect from those comments, Antichamber is a puzzle game, and not like many other puzzlers. Almost nothing can truly be trusted in the game as walls and floors will be removed or added, depending on where you are, where you are looking, and where you are moving. This can make the game hard to get into, but its non-linear structure may help with that. Instead of having a clear sequence of rooms and puzzles to complete, you can just continue on in any direction until you cannot continue any further. If you get lost or want to return to where you were, you can just hit Escape. This returns you to a room with options on one wall, posters on another, and a map of the game. Clicking on any of the rooms will take you to them. This is invaluable actually, as it can be very easy to get lost if you are just walking room to room.


The puzzles largely fall into two categories: traditional and non-traditional. The traditional puzzles are those we may find in other puzzle games, such as placing a block to hold a door open or jump over a ledge. Non-traditional would be moving backwards to keep a door from closing or looking through a window to shift what room you are in. Personally I like the non-traditional ones better as they feel very approachable to me. I mean I can just walk up and start trying things, not completely knowing what I have to do, while with a traditional puzzle I know I have to accomplish something specific, and then figure out how exactly to do that.

The graphics of Antichamber are minimalistic, with simple lines and colors indicating objects and walls. It works though, as it helps bring out the non-traditional nature of the game. The soundtrack is subtle and very ambient, which is appropriate as you do not want it distracting from the puzzles.


Is Antichamber worth beating the average for? If you like non-traditional puzzles, then yes it is. This game can really make you think and experiment. Of course you may still need to find some hints online to solve some puzzles, but a lot you can figure out by just playing around with things. If you are not much of a puzzle person though, then you may want to avoid this game and its non-linear mechanics.

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