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Humble Indie Bundle 7 Review



With the individual reviews done, it is now time to review the bundle as a whole. Is the Humble Indie Bundle 7 worth purchasing? I can only say yes. You have two very good puzzle games in Snapshot and Closure, with Closure, in my opinion, being a great game. Shank 2 is not my particular style of game, but I can definitely appreciate it and if you enjoy action-brawlers, you will want this in your library. If you enjoy arcade-style games that are a real challenge, you will enjoy The Binding of Isaac.

Those games are ones that if you pass on the bundle, you may not regret missing, but Legend of Grimrock is different. If you fondly remember classic RPGs you will more than likely enjoy this game and what it brings to the table. Dungeon Defenders though is possibly the crown jewel of the bundle. At the very least, if you are judging exclusively by value, it is a steal to just beat the average to get this game with all its DLC. Play with friends and you should easily be able to get over a hundred hours out of this one title.

Buy the bundle for one game, or for them all, and you will not be disappointed. These games are solid and fun experiences, deserving of your time and money. And don't forget, Indie Game: The Movie is included too, as are most of the games' soundtracks which will add even more hours of enjoyment.

  1. Introduction
  2. Closure Review
  3. Legend of Grimrock Review
  4. Shank 2 Review
  5. Snapshot Review
  6. The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb Review
  7. Dungeon Defenders Description
  8. Conclusion
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