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Humble Indie Bundle 7 Review


Dungeon Defenders Description:

As I said before, I am not certain I can give an unbiased review of Dungeon Defenders so I am not going to try. This section is just to describe it, so you know what you are getting when you beat the average.

Dungeon Defenders is a combination RPG and Tower Defense game. As you play you gain experience to level up and find gear to put on your characters and further enhance their stats. This gear includes armor, weapons, pets, and accessories. The pets have different attacks and abilities, such as the Tiger which does physical, melee damage, and the Seahorse which does poison, ranged damage. Some pets have no attacks though, such as the Genie, which supplies mana, the in-game currency, and the Pet Rock, which gives a big stat boost but sets your run speed bonus to 0.










Along with the levels from the campaign there are also challenges and a survival mode. The challenges are typically set on the campaign maps and can involve protecting your crystal from hordes of suicide bombers called Kobolds, or defending an ogre, the largest non-boss enemy in the game, as though it were your crystal. Through new DLC a second campaign has been added as have new challenges and many new maps. New characters have also been added such as the Summoner, which cannot attack but brings forth minions to do his bidding, and the Jester which can use any weapon, move towers around, and has other random effects.

While it is possible to play the game solo, co-op play is encouraged by the design of some maps and challenges, as well as the fact that more players means more loot.

Since release, the game has received Steam Workshop support and the Dungeon Defenders Development Kit is free to download and create your own content with. Just do not try to take custom content on to the Ranked servers. If you are caught with such content, you will be banned. Anything goes in the Open matches though, but you will not receive any achievements for what you do in Open.

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