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Humble Indie Bundle 7 Review


Closure Review:

To call Closure an odd game is almost an understatement, but it is also, with few but notable exceptions, an excellent puzzle game. The puzzles themselves revolve around the classic mechanic of needing light to shine on a path to be accessible. The developers took this mechanic further than just having a kill-box where the light does not fall as nothing exists unless it is illuminated. Without light on the ground, you will fall through, and without light on a wall, it is not there to impede your progress. Even water will disappear due to a lack of light, which has some interesting results in a few levels.

The game is broken up into three main stories, with a fourth shorter story that is accessed after completing the other three. All three stories are accessible once you reach the hub world after the tutorial levels. So far I have done the three stories.











The first story, from left to right, has you assume the identity of an engineer going through a factory. The second story is that of a woman travelling through not only a forest but also a hospital. The third story has you play as a young child who escapes her home to go to the circus. The fourth story lets you play as the spider-like demon you are, and consists of only 10 levels, instead of the 24 each of the other three stories. Throughout every story though, the environment and atmosphere is eerie, but I would never describe it as creepy, except for perhaps one moment in the second story.

The graphics are a stylized black and white, which definitely fits the atmosphere of the game and the light mechanic. The environment is not often animated though, but whenever you fall into water there is a rush of bubbles around you. Also when you are in water, the audio is distorted to match the liquid in your character's ears.

Occasionally I enjoy thinking of myself as an intelligent person so I will always enjoy a good puzzle game, and Closure I very much enjoy. The puzzles are almost always challenging, but not difficult, which is an important distinction to me. A challenging puzzle is a work of art to me, where the means to overcome it is accessible, if you can identify it. A difficult puzzle on the other hand is a source of frustration as the solution may be obvious or not, but its execution is tedious, or demanding of perfection, or both. A difficult puzzle can result in 'cheap' deaths where you were just too slow or miss timed your jump. The only reason you should die in a challenging puzzle is because you made a stupid mistake or the puzzle is more complicated than you initially thought, and never a 'cheap' death.

What wall?

Oddly the difficult puzzles seemed to only exist in the second story as the puzzles in other stories were not necessarily simple, but failing them was not as frustrating.

There is definitely some replay value here as hidden 'Silver Moths' can be found in some levels and can require some ingenuity to catch, while still completing the level. To indicate the moth's presence in a level, there is a chime that plays along with the music.

The soundtrack is… different, but in a good way. My tastes are more for classical music (specifically the romance period and some modern, for those who know the distinction) but I do also enjoy rock, which may be part of the reason why soundtracks, as a genre, I often enjoy. Closure's soundtrack I definitely like but it is hard to say how much I may listen to it in the future. I do appreciate it but it is not my first pick for 'working music,' though I am writing this section of the review with it playing. It does somewhat defy description, beyond saying that while it is not eerie like the game (to me at least) it fits the game environment very well.

Now, would this game alone make the bundle worth buying? Probably not, unless you are a major puzzle-gamer or simply enjoy artistic games. I'm very confident I am near the end of the game with not even four hours invested in it. True there are some levels left and the Silver Moths to collect, but I would still estimate a completion time of under 10 hours. Closure may not be the one game to make the bundle worth buying, but you will be glad to have a game as excellent and as near-flawless as it is. Truly the only negative to purchasing the game is its relatively short length, but beyond that, it is a great game, in my opinion.

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