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Heavy Duty MNPCTech Case Handles Review/Guide

Price: $15.99 USD

One of the most useful things you can have on a case still isn't included with them. Handles. Your case may not come with them, but thanks to MNPCTech we'll now have some nice, heavy duty handles to help us transport our case to the next LAN party.


What You Get
We recieved

  • 2x Handles
  • 20x Rivets (Screws are available)
  • 20x Washers
  • 1x Cutting template
  • 1 x Instructions - MNPCTech also has the instructions available on their site, and can be found here.

As I mentioned, I received rivets, however you can also order the handles with screws. Most people don't have a rivet driver, so screws would probably be best, however I looked at this as a reason to go buy a new tool. *grunt grunt* These handles have been put together extremely well. They measure 160mm wide, 107mm long, and 9.5mm deep at it's thickest point.


There is nothing out of the ordinary about the rivets. But for those who have never seen a new rivet, this is what it looks like. The ball on the end of it gets pulled up into the rivet which causes the rivet to expand and hold into place.

In order to properly review these handles, we're going to have to cut something. So, I'll walk along the instructions and make a few comments along the way.


Installing the Handles
Installing the handles is extremely easy, even for someone without much moding experience. The instructions provided are good, and I followed them as I installed the handles, however afterwards I found some thing out that I would have done a bit differently.

The first step is to mark the area that you will cut out for the handle. This is easily done, thanks to the cutting template provided. As you can see in the image, I marked a line on the bottom to represent the half way point. I then used this line with a line marked on my case to help center the template.

After marking the area off, it's time to cut. I used my dremmel, though as the instructions say, a jig saw would work just as well. Here you can see the template, the hole I cut out, and the square scrap.

After you cut the hole, sand down any rough edges. I used my dremel for this as well, but a file would work just as well. Also, place the handle in the hole and make sure you cut the hole the correct size. The bad thing about a mod like this is if your find your cut to be off center or slightly diagonal, you're pretty much screwed. You can avoided a mistake like this by taking your time when marking and measuring out the cutting lines.

Now that the hole is cut to size, it's time to mark the holes for the screws. With the handle in it's hole, use a pen, pencil, sharp, blood, or something to mark where you will need to drill. As shown in the picture, I used a Sharpie. Even on a black case, I could still see the marking. If you want something easier to see, white out also works well for a marker; just remember to let it dry.

After the holes are marked, it's time to drill. The instructions say to use a 9/64 (or smaller) drill bit to make the starter holes. The starter holes really aren't required, but it does make things a bit easier. You can drill the holes with the handle in, or out, whatever you are comfortable with. I did it both ways, and had no problem either way.

Here you can see the inside and outside of the case after the holes have been made. Don't forget to file down the rough edges here as well.

After all of the holes have been made, it's time to mount the handle. As I said, you can do this with either screws or rivets. The rivet goes into your gun, as pictured and then placed into the mounting hole.

With the rivet driver that I have, the rivet is tightened (?) by pumping the handle. What this does is pulls the metal shaft through the rivet, until the metal ball breaks off, securing the rivet. Here you can see what the rivet looks like when finished.

That's all there is to installing these handles. Very simple, and looks extremely good when finished.


I installed the handles using the provided instructions exactly, and everything went well. However, I did notice two things I felt should be commented on. First is the order of events. Cutting the case makes it "weaker" around the hole, and when you apply pressure to the drill for the rivet/screw holes, you can bend the case. This can leave a small gap between the handle and case, as pictured here. Not the end of the world, as the handle will still be extremely secure, but for those out there that want everything perfect you might want to take note.

The last thing to note is no where in the instructions does it state what the washers are to me used for. In fact, I had forgotten about them completely. Of course they will be used on the rivet, but on the outside or inside? I'm fine without them, but they were included for a reason and it'd be nice to know what to do with them.

The washers go between the handle and the fastner ordered, in our case the rivets.


  • Well made
  • Great customer service
  • Rivets or Screws can be ordered
  • Cutting template included


  • Instructions could be a little better


Again, I'd like to think MNPCTech for the great handles to review. I'll be putting them to much use. :)

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