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Humble Bundle with Android 5 Review



Now that I have gone through the 4+2 games of this bundle, the time has come to review the Humble Bundle with Android 5 itself. Is this collection worth getting, and should you beat the average? The latter is easier to address so I will do so first.

If you previously purchased the Humble Indie Bundle 7, or otherwise have a copy of Dungeon Defenders, you do not need to beat the average based on the current content. Doing so would just get you Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave and Super Hexagon, neither of which I can personally recommend. If you do not have a copy of Dungeon Defenders and are interested in it, get the bundle and beat the average now, if only because of the great deal! The game easily offers hundreds of hours of co-op gameplay with your friends or with strangers.

Also, do not forget that additional beat-the-average games are typically added at the midpoint of the sale, so if you want to be sure you get those games without having to beat a later, possibly higher average, do so now.

What about the basic bundle; should you spend the money for it? If you read my Beat Hazard Ultra review you already know my answer to that question is 'yes!' That game alone makes the bundle worth getting at any price. If you already have a copy then maybe the bundle is not worth any price to you, but I can strongly recommend Dynamite Jack for its Android experience and Solar 2 for its PC experience. NightSky HD left me unimpressed for either platform, but is still a good game and is worth playing if you purchase the bundle, but do not feel bad if you play it last.

As it stands, the Humble Bundle with Android 5 is a strong package worthy of your consideration and likely your money. Exactly how much money is up to you, but hopefully this review will help you make that decision.

  1. Introduction
  2. Beat Hazard Ultra Review
  3. Dynamite Jack Review
  4. NightSky HD Review
  5. Solar 2 Review
  6. Dungeon Defenders (Beat-the-Average) Android Description
  7. Super Hexagon (Beat-the-Average) Review
  8. Conclusion
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