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Humble Bundle with Android 5 Review


Super Hexagon (Beat-the-Average) Review:

I am not sure if this is an actual genre, but I am going to call Super Hexagon a scoreboard-challenge game. What I mean by that is the purpose of the game is not to reach any kind of conclusion but to compete for a better position on a scoreboard. There is no purpose to the game past attaining a higher score.

The gameplay is mechanically simple as you move a triangle around a hexagon, trying to avoid lines that fall onto the hexagon beneath you by moving clockwise or counterclockwise. Hit a line and you lose, though how long you survived can be uploaded to a scoreboard somewhere for bragging rights. As I said, mechanically the gameplay is simple but the execution is designed to make the experience much more complicated. As the lines fall onto the hexagon, the entire screen is rotating and changing color, making it harder to follow the lines as they move.

The controls for the Android version are simple to match the mechanics. Touch on the left half of the screen and the triangle you control moves counterclockwise; touch on the right half and it moves clockwise. I actually found the controls to be better implemented in the Android version than the PC version, which uses the arrow keys in the same way. The reason I felt the PC version was inferior is that the responsiveness of the controls was lesser. It was easier for me to over- or under-shoot the revolution using the arrow keys compared to the touchscreen.










Another factor that may have made the controls on the PC worse was the graphics. The game window ran in full screen, with black bars instead of stretching it, but honestly I think it may have been stretched anyway. That is what it felt like on the PC at least, as though the same push on the arrow keys as on the touchscreen moved the triangle further or faster. Either way, it made it harder to advance in the game as I was constantly finding myself crashing into the edge of a falling line. Basically it looks like  the developers just copied the mobile game and threw in keyboard controls to make the PC version.

The soundtrack is very techno and driving, which compliments the game very well. The hectic pace of the music fits the hectic movements needed to survive long and get your name on the scoreboard. It is, however, limited to just three tracks.

Does Super Hexagon make this a super bundle? Not in my opinion, but then I generally do not enjoy scoreboard-challenge games. Also, better scores require memorizing the pattern of falling lines, trained reaction times, and luck, which means that the only way to actually advance is to practice the game a lot. I do not purchase games to practice them but to play them. If this is the kind of game you like though, have fun with it. As a general remark though, I am not comfortable recommending this game.

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