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Humble Bundle with Android 5 Review


Dungeon Defenders (Beat-the-Average) Android Description:

As mentioned earlier in this review and in the Humble Indie Bundle 7 Review, I am friendly with this game's development team so I cannot guarantee my review of the game will be unbiased. However, because the Android version of the game is a very different experience from the PC version, I will comment on it. As the game has not substantially changed since the previous bundle review, you can follow this link to read my comments on it: Humble Indie Bundle 7 Review: Dungeon Defenders Description.

Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave is the Android version of the PC game Dungeon Defenders and they differ in more ways than platform and name. The control scheme for the PC uses both the keyboard and mouse for movement and aiming, but as that is not available on a smartphone, a virtual joystick is used instead to run around the maps. To move the camera you must drag your finger on the screen, but off of the joystick. Given the 3D environment, this is not an ideal control scheme for navigating the maps, and when the action of the game comes into play, the controls become even more cumbersome. To help you though, the game will automatically lock onto enemies.











Something worth noting is that the game download from Humble Bundle is just 10 MB, but that is not the full size of the game; that is a launcher. When you first open the game it will start downloading the remainder of the game's content for a total of 838 MB of storage space used. The time it takes to download will obviously depend on your connection.

The graphics of Second Wave are not nearly as good as the PC version, but then smartphones have limited processing power and it has to render a 3D world, so the disparity is understandable. You are able to change the graphics quality though, and for this review, I had it turned up to the max.

Speaking just about the Android version here, I cannot recommend playing it as you also have the PC version. Perhaps you can adapt to the touchscreen controls, but you are also going to be left with less of the game, compared to the PC version. Second Wave's content is likely only equivalent to that of the base Dungeon Defenders game, but you are getting the complete PC version through the bundle.


A description of the PC version can be found here: Humble Indie Bundle 7 Review: Dungeon Defenders Description.

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