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Humble Bundle with Android 5 Review

Price: $~6.64


What costs what you want and comes with four games for your PC and phone? The Humble Bundle with Android 5, that's what! Last time I reviewed a Humble Bundle sale it was the Humble Indie Bundle 7 that contained, at launch, 5+1 games, with the +1 being the beat-the-average reward, Dungeon Defenders. That reward is back in this bundle along with Super Hexagon. The basic bundle, what you get without beating the average, is Beat Hazard Ultra, Dynamite Jack, NightSky HD, and Solar 2. All of these games are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and, possibly in modified form, Android. With the partial exception of Dynamite Jack, their soundtracks are also included in the bundle. (The exception is explained in that game's section.)

For those unfamiliar with it, Humble Bundle is a company that puts together bundles of media and sells the bundles using a pay-what-you-want model. If you beat the average of what everyone is paying though, you will receive additional content, in this case two games and their soundtracks. Usually the content of the bundles are indie games, free of DRM, and come formatted for multiple platforms, but we have seen music, movies, and books bundled this way as well.

When you purchase one of these bundles, you get to choose where the money goes: the developers; Humble Bundle itself; and/or charities. The charities will sometimes change, but for this bundle they are the two regulars, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play.

Before getting to the reviews of the games in the bundle, there are some points I have to explain. One is that I am friends with the developers of Dungeon Defenders. For that reason, I can only give you a description of the game and not a review. As the game has not changed since the previous bundle review, you can read what I wrote there about the PC version. The Android version is quite different though, so I have additional comments to reflect that addition in this review.

As I have access to the soundtracks outside of their games, I will also comment on them. After all, they are part of the gameplay experience, and you may wish to listen to them outside of the game.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android phone, so I have downloaded and played each of these games on it as well as my desktop. You can learn more about the phone from the TalkAndroid review: Verizon Galaxy Nexus review – Does it live up to the hype?.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I have not played these games to completion, but only until the point that I feel comfortable commenting on and critiquing the games. Since the sale is available for a limited time only, I want to do my best to get this review out before it ends. To that end, this review has also been written before any additional games are added, which often happens half-way through the sale.

With that taken care of, we can dive into the games and see what buying the bundle gets you, and if it is worth it!

  1. Introduction
  2. Beat Hazard Ultra Review
  3. Dynamite Jack Review
  4. NightSky HD Review
  5. Solar 2 Review
  6. Dungeon Defenders (Beat-the-Average) Android Description
  7. Super Hexagon (Beat-the-Average) Review
  8. Conclusion
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