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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 Review


Type:Rider Review:

On the surface Type:Rider may not sound like much of a game, as it has you exploring the history of typography. Actually opening it up reveals a rather fun platformer with some mild puzzles.

You play as two dots that scramble through the game world of black shapes with meaningful pictures in the background. These images can be of ancient cave paintings and carvings to a Gutenberg Bible. The black shapes are also significant as they can be characters connected to the time period you are exploring, or other touchstones from the era.










Each era you play in is separated into its own book, and within the levels are asterisk collectibles that unlock a chapter. You can pause to read these chapters to provide some of the interesting history of how humanity developed written language to what it is now. Other collectibles include the letters of an alphabet in a particular font. That font is also the name of the book and relates to the era described in the chapters.

The platforming and puzzle elements are as straightforward as one would hope, allowing you to quickly find and traverse the path. Collectibles will pull you from that path of course, so be sure to keep your eyes open.


The Android version features three control settings, and I found the default 'Intuitive' setting to be my preference. This setting has you press on whichever side of the screen you want to move towards, and pressing the opposite side triggers a jump. The other settings place buttons on the screen or uses the device's accelerometer to control movement. On PC the arrow keys and spacebar are used.

As a platformer, Type:Rider is definitely fun and enjoyable. The typographical history it also presents to you I personally find interesting, and I hope many of you will find it interesting as well. I would recommend getting the bundle just for this, but it definitely belongs amongst the base games. As enjoyable and interesting as it is, if it were behind the average, I would likely not make the same recommendation.

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