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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 Review


Ravensword Shadowlands Review:

When a war ends in a great cataclysm, leaving you as the only soldier alive, you can expect you are playing an action RPG. In this case the game is Ravensword Shadowlands and the future of the Kingdom of Tyreas rests in your hands. Can you save the realm?

Some of you may be wondering how an action RPG would play on an Android device, using only touchscreen input. The answer is that it actually plays pretty well, but not great. A virtual joystick for controlling movement will appear in the lower left corner when you press your finger down, so you set the neutral position instead of the game. This works alright, except that the deadzone can be against the edge of the screen, so if you place your finger there, you may lose the ability to move left.










The right side of the screen has the controls, and this is where the controls stop being terribly friendly, as the camera is also controlled by your right thumb. You can aim or you can act, with little ability to do both. It is possible to move the camera while holding down an action button, but it is limited.

Naturally the PC controls with mouse and keyboard are much more comfortable to use. Playing on both PC and my smartphone though, it did feel like the game was easier in the Android version. It seemed as though fewer enemies were spawning, but whether this is to compensate for the controls, or the result of the difficulty slider in the Android version, I do not know for certain.

Playing the game reminded me of classic action RPGs, and other games meant to harken back to such titles. This could in part be because of the graphics, but the game's temperament also came off as that for me. Some of the characters, skills, talents, and UI all felt like what I would find in an older game than this. Do not take that as a negative in any way. Ravensword Shadowlands does not lack any functionality in those areas and I found it personally enjoyable.


As I mentioned above, the graphics look dated as a result of having been designed for mobile hardware. They do not look bad, and the PC version is a nice and noticeable step up from the Android version, but you can see the flat models, seams in textures, and how much detail the textures are bringing.

Does Ravensword Shadowlands make the bundle worth buying? I would recommend it, yes. So far I have found it to be enjoyable and interesting, scratching that action-RPG itch. If you have a similar itch or are just looking for a new action-RPG experience, I definitely feel this is worth giving a try. The Android version may take a little adapting, but other platform offers that fun experience.

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