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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 Review


Broken Sword 2 - the Smoking Mirror Remastered Review:

Broken Sword 2 is a point-and-click adventure that has you investigating your girlfriend's abduction, drug smuggling, and an ancient Mayan mystery. You know, the normal things.

Like any point-and-click you have to explore the environment to find the clues and tools you need to move forward. Also like many point-and-clicks, some of the items and puzzles can be a little contrived, such as drugging someone's wine so they will fall, smash a case, and distract someone.

On the PC the pointing and clicking works fine with the mouse, but on my smartphone the experience was more frustrating. The accuracy was often poor enough to force me to try again and again to complete what should have been simple (and was on the PC). Also frustrating was that while the icon to open the inventory is in a corner of the screen, tapping at the corner may cause you to walk there, instead of opening the inventory. This can be annoying if it takes you away from where you want to be and because it delays you actually opening and using something in the inventory.









Without playing through the story, it is hard to say just how well it may grab me or anyone else. It definitely does feel like you are investigating some strange and grand mystery so far. On the phone though, having to put up with the lack of precision could break immersion into the story even more than the contrived puzzles I mentioned earlier.

The art style of Broken Sword 2 gives the game a cartoon look at times; primarily when looking at characters and especially their faces when they speak. This definitely works well for the story-nature of the game, as it will feel like you are watching events unfold, just like when you watch an animated movie or television show.

Altogether Broken Sword 2 is a game that does show some potential to me, but it also does not grab me. That is almost certainly because of the irritation of having to repeatedly try to do simple actions because of the inaccuracy of the point-and-click controls. On PC where you can use the mouse, it should be substantially better and more enjoyable, so if you want to play it, play it there. Would I recommend the bundle just for Broken Sword 2? Not based on my experience, which has largely been with the Android version (I start playing on that platform and then go to PC). If you are looking for a story-based game though, please give this one a try if you pick up the bundle.

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