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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 Review


Bridge Constructor Review:

There are many things I am, but one thing I am not is a bridge engineer. Despite that fact, with Bridge Constructor I can design and test bridges made of wood, steel, concrete, and steel cable. Of course if the cars and trucks that drive over it do not go crashing into water below, you win and demonstrate that building bridges is not that tough… in a virtual world where lives do not really exist.

When you start a level you are presented with a play-field that contains so many anchor points and a grid to assist in placing the resources you have. This grid is initially made of major boxes made of 16 minor boxes (4x4), but you can toggle on still smaller boxes, if you want or need finer placement control.










Placing your resources is typically easy, setting one point and then dragging to the other, but on a touchscreen your fingers can get in the way. Occasionally the points seemed to track above my finger, which was nice as then I could see the point, but this was not always the case. Zooming in does help with this though. Of course you have a budget limiting how elaborate any bridge can be.

Once you have built a bridge you have to test it by running cars or trucks over it. If cars are able to safely cross it, then you just win and get to move on, but trucks crossing award you a bonus. I feel I should point out that the goal is just for the vehicles to cross. I actually managed to build a bridge that collapsed just late enough that the final truck was able to make it "safely" across. Not exactly what one's goal should be, but hey, if it works.



The graphics are not particularly fancy, though the parallax effect is very nice and gives a sense of depth. Everything looks right, but not particularly complex, which makes sense as this is a mobile game. The sound can be annoying, though, because while the music can be turned off, the clicking sound for when you place something cannot be.

I find Bridge Constructor to be fun and appropriately challenging. Its design and gameplay does give it a nice pick-up-and-play feel, making it a good Android game for someone on a commute. On the PC I doubt many gamers will be playing it, but perhaps their children will. This makes it a game worth checking out if you get the bundle; if you are someone who wants a good pick-up-and-play game for yourself or a child, you may want to buy the bundle just for it.

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