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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 8 Review


Anomaly 2 (BTA) Review:

Humanity has been all but destroyed by an alien army that has claimed Earth as its own. If you want the world back, you are going to have to fight for it.

Anomaly 2 remains loyal to its predecessor, being a reverse tower defense where you control the units trying to destroy the towers on the map, but does have some noteworthy changes. Possibly the most apparent is the ability to morph your units to match the situation. For example, the first unit you will be introduced to can be a tank with decent range and damage, or a walker with two independently-firing flamethrowers. While the tank form can hit at range more easily, the walker form can attack multiple nearby targets at once, which is necessary when the enemy has hidden itself in small alcoves.

The gameplay uses the same setup as the previous title, with you determining your units' route around the alien towers; sometimes clearing out the enemy and other times taking the path of least resistance. You also have the ability to lay down certain items, such as repair fields and decoys. Here the PC and Android versions start to deviate, as on the PC you move a character around the map to place the items, but on Android you simply place them on the screen. While that may make it sound like the Android version is simpler, the PC still has the advantage of keyboard shortcuts to drop-in-place the items.









The graphics of Anomaly 2 are really spectacular on both PC and Android. Terrain, units, and special effects are all detailed and very satisfying. Only now when I am looking at the screenshots can I see anything that is not high quality. At least that is the case for the PC version, because on Android I was noticing a fair amount of aliasing on the VR tutorial missions. You can also spot it on the PC, but it is much less noticeable.

The soundtrack is driving, like what you would expect from a modern, science-fiction action movie. Really, I could believe it being used for such a film, though perhaps with some re-orchestration for added power.

Is this game worth getting the bundle for? In my opinion, yes. It is definitely a solid and quality game with good graphics and design, on both PC and Android. For Android it will probably be best experienced on a tablet with a large screen, but it worked well on my smartphone.


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