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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 8 Review


Jack Lumber Review:

Do not mess with a lumberjack's grandmother, especially if you are a tree.

After his grandmother was murdered by a tree, Jack Lumber has gone on a quest to avenge her by chopping every log he can find. On the way he saves some animals as well, who then move into his cabin with him.

It is obvious when you start playing Jack Lumber that it was designed for a touchscreen. Once logs are thrown onto the screen, you are to trace out the path Jack should take so he can cut through all of them. On Android all you have to do is touch the screen to slow time and start tracing, but on PC you have to press Shift or the left mouse button to slow time and draw the path. It actually works pretty well on PC, too. The only issue is that if you slow time when your cursor is inside a log, it will count as a bad cut and prevent you from cutting it. Mildly annoying, especially with how fast some logs move across the screen.










The graphics look fine on my smartphone's smaller screen, but on my desktop's monitor the images are blurred, likely because it is being scaled up. I have not found an option to play it windowed. Playing on my laptop however, the graphics were not blurred, but it has a much higher pixel density than my desktop monitor. The reason I played Jack Lumber on my laptop is because it has a 13.3-inch touchscreen, which is considerably larger than that of my smartphone. Suffice it to say, the larger screen helped the experience.

Is Jack Lumber worth getting the bundle for alone? It depends on your situation. I can easily see people playing it on their touchscreen devices while on the bus or otherwise trying to pass the time. It still plays well on a desktop, but I know my preferred device for this game will be my laptop. Give it a shot if you get the bundle, but unless you have touchscreen devices to play this on, you can be forgiven for skipping it.


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