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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 8 Review


Gemini Rue Review:

Gemini Rue is a point-and-click mystery, adventure game where you control two persons; Azriel Odin and Delta Six. Azriel is a police officer with a less-than-upstanding past and Delta Six has had his memory wiped as part of some program.

When you first open the game (at least on Steam) you are presented with the option to configure the game's graphics. You will definitely want to do so because the game will normally run in a 320x200 window. Through the Graphics Filter option you can increase the window size using either a nearest-neighbor filter or anti-aliasing filter. Use the nearest-neighbor filter will blur everything and make the game look very bad. You can see the difference between the Android and PC screenshots. Also on the PC version I noticed multiple instances of sprites being on the wrong plane, so people behind my character would appear in front of me, and vice versa.

I have not yet played enough to speak about the story, but I can say that the controls leave something to be desired. On the PC I found the click-zones were not well placed and/or designed. Sometimes when I would mouse over something, its label would appear and I would click to interact. Instead of interacting with that object though, my character would interact with another object. The two objects were near each other, but you would think the object with the label being shown would be the object you interact with.








On my smartphone the controls were actually more accurate, but also more cumbersome. There are multiple actions you can perform, such as looking at something, touching it, kicking it, speaking with it, or using a tool on it. On the PC you can repeat the last action by double-clicking, so you would not have to re-open the menu. That is not the case for the Android version, so expect to see that menu a lot. At least the menu is well-sized, so it is easy to see what everything is and select what you want.

The gameplay is not always that much fun on the PC, in part because of the miss-clicking I mentioned above, but also because there is no mechanism to help you identify what objects can be interacted with. Of course you can wildly move the mouse around and watch for labels to appear, but that should hardly be a requirement. On the Android version you can actually press and hold to have all of the objects you can interact with appear. That is very useful and would have saved me some time if I had played that version before the PC version.

To top off the issues with the PC version, my original save apparently got wiped and trying to open the autosave returns an error of the file not existing. To check something I created another save, and that one survived longer than a few minutes, but when I opened it up, half of the screen was graphically messed up.


The PC screenshot is using the anti-aliasing filter.


The soundtrack is appropriately atmospheric and contains some processing to reinforce the science-fiction nature of the game. It works well for the game, but I cannot say I will listen to it outside of that.

Simply put, Gemini Rue has left me very unimpressed. In its defense though, many of the issues I have suffered may not happen to you. If you try the game, I hope they do not. As it stands though, I cannot recommend this game. Perhaps you will play it if you get the bundle anyway, but after I uninstall it, I will likely leave it uninstalled.

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