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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 8 Review


AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome Review:

I hope you are not afraid of heights, because you cannot escape them in this game. It is something like an arcade skydiving simulation, where you leap off of buildings or mountains, and try to control your path as you fall, hugging buildings and collecting points on the way.

Once you get into the game, you are presented with an array of possibilities. Some of these are tutorials, which you do not interact with; missions to challenge you; and tips for how to improve your scores. Obviously the missions are the most interesting and there is a variety of them, as some feature certain mechanics over others. For example, the missions that have you leap from a mountain encourage you to hug its surface for high scores, whereas the more urban missions can require you to make gestures at spectators. Of course many missions feature all of the scoring mechanics and many paths. If you find you cannot get that perfect score going one way, try another.

The graphics are about as simple as the game is, which is not a bad thing. Ideally you will be flying past everything, so they do not need the highest resolution models and textures. What is more important is that you can recognize everything, and there the stylized graphics help.

On the PC you control yourself with keyboard and mouse, as the WASD keys pan you in the different directions and the mouse controls the camera. This twin-stick approach works quite well actually and gives you plenty of control. On my smartphone however, things are a little different. Your movement is controlled by the accelerometer, so I hope you have steady hands. The camera can be controlled with the touchscreen, but I disabled that on my phone because it would have complicated things. You see, at times I had to touch the screen to keep it from turning off, and I would not want the camera to move every time I do that.











I would classify this game as a good, quick time-sink. Missions can be completed in a minute or less, so for those times when you have a short break and want to entertain yourself, this game can satisfy you. I cannot say I have a preference for the PC or Android version, though. While I can see the PC feels like a more full experience because the controls are easier to work with, the accelerometer of my phone gave me very good control.

Is it worth getting the bundle for this? Probably not on its own. It supplies more of a quick rush than a longer experience, and we can each find those rushes from many sources. If you get the bundle, it is worth checking out though. It is fun and well designed; it just does not stand out much to me.

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