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Humble Bundle with Android 7 Review



So what stands out of this 4+2 bundle, and does any one game make the bundle worth buying on its own? In my opinion the best games of the bundle are Anodyne, Incredipede, Greed Corp, and The Bard's Tale. They each offer enjoyable experiences, based on what I have played, and are almost certainly going to be worth your time, if you purchase the bundle. Incredipede and Greed Corp are both innovative takes on their genres, so if you like puzzlers or turn-based RTS games, you will want to play these. Anodyne is a well-constructed return to 16-bit adventure games with a healthy sense of humor, but requires some time investment. The Bard's Tale is a dated game, but is also well designed and has a mildly inappropriate sense of humor that can bring a smile to your face (or an eye roll).

Ticket to Ride and Worms Reloaded are also enjoyable, but there are some qualifications to my recommendations for them, which is why I do not consider them the best of the bundle. Ticket to Ride feels like it has such a strong focus on children that an adult may not enjoy it as much, without some familiarity with the original board game. Of course that could make it a perfect game for your children to play on a tablet. Keeping Worms Reloaded from being one of the best games in the bundle is that its AI can be so ruthless and unforgiving that single-player will eventually shift from fun to futile. Multiplayer, however, is where it could easily shine, so if you have a friend to play with, play with them. Maybe even buy the bundle for them, so you can play together.

Altogether, the Humble Bundle with Android 7 does not disappoint with either the base games or the beat-the-average games. There may be some concerns here and there, but nothing so serious as to make the bundle not worth buying.

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