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Humble Bundle with Android 7 Review


Worms Reloaded (BTA) Review:

Ever wondered what the invertebrates under our grass do? Well, if this game is to be believed, they are waging a less-than-epic war with occasionally epic weapons. Why? Who knows, but pick a side and start blasting!

Worms Reloaded and its Android counterpart, Worms 2: Armageddon, give you command of teams of worms armed with various weapons that you must use to explode your enemies, or push them into the water. If it sounds easy, it is not, as getting the right angle and power for the weapon requires a lot of skill and/or practice. In the beginning of the campaign missions though, it is not that bad, but eventually you will want to tear your hair out as the AI worms can attack with perfect aim, timing, and power. The switch from stupid AI to genius AI is also pretty sudden, so you cannot expect to just smoothly improve and overcome.










PC on the left. Android on the right.

While that is definitely an issue for single player, multiplayer is a different story as human inaccuracies and incompetence are shared amongst every one. With people as your enemies, you may occasionally see worms blow themselves up because the rocket they were trying to fire just hit part of the landscape the player did not think was in the way. The AI does not make such mistakes. Also the AI knows what every weapons does, which is a luxury you will not have without a cheat sheet or extensive studying.

The graphics are cartoony, which is to be expected when worms are the playable characters. They will squirm, jump, yell, and explode all in a comical way you would expect to see on a Saturday morning cartoon show. (Well, maybe not a modern one. Have not watched any of them for years.)


The soundtrack is more ambient than anything, which is no doubt because the player's focus needs to be on the gameplay.

My recommendation for these Worms games are only to buy them if you are going to play with a friend. The single player is just not going to be worth it for most people, in my opinion. The ridiculousness of multiplayer, though, could easily make this game worth the money, especially if you can talk and laugh at each other while you play. So beat the average to play with a friend, but not just for yourself.

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