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Humble Bundle with Android 7 Review


Incredipede Review:

Despite their names, millipedes and centipedes do not have a thousand or a hundred feet, respectively. Quozzle of Incredipede, though, does have some incredible feet, and muscles to match. In this puzzle game, you must control her muscles to roll, step, and throw herself to the finish line, collecting fruit along the way.

The two difficulty settings for Incredipede are Normal and Hard. Normal gives you Quozzle with all her limbs and muscles already made, just waiting for control. Hard, however, allows you to design Quozzle to solve the puzzle your way, which could require a fair amount of tinkering to get right.












The controls are just a handful of buttons for affecting the direction different muscle groups pull, as well as the mouse, for when you design Quozzle. You put these to use in the campaign puzzles or in user-created puzzles, as well as a sand box level, where you can play with Quozzle designs. Naturally the Android version relies on touch inputs.

The graphics are very stylized with a primitive, hand-drawn aesthetic, which is fitting for the wilderness we find ourselves moving though. On the PC you are able to control some of the graphics settings, which is not very surprising, but you also have some graphics settings in the Android version. You can set particle effects, vignette effects, and waving grass, to name a few.



It is a decidedly simple game, but I could easily see someone spending many hours in it, on a PC or on an Android device. I could even see some classrooms using it to teach about simple machines, especially levers, as the physics involved are quite apparent. I am definitely comfortable recommending it to anyone looking for a clever puzzle game that lets the user be in control. Go ahead and get the bundle for this.

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