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Humble Bundle with Android 6 Review



With seven small reviews completed, we can consider a review for the larger Humble Bundle with Android 6. Is it worth its pay-what-you-want price, or should you keep your money for something else? If you are going to purchase it, should you beat the average, or just get the base games? I will start with the latter.

The five base games of the bundle are Aquaria, Fractal: Make Blooms Not War, Organ Trail: Director's Cut, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, and Pulse. The game that most stood out to me was Fractal. It is a clever puzzle game that requires more depth than you may expect at first glance. Its graphics could be crisper, but this does not deter from the experience on either PCs or Android devices. I recommend the base bundle to any puzzle-game fan. Aquaria and Organ Trail are a little different though, as I feel you may want to have an interest in them already before purchasing them. If, after having read this review, these titles intrigue you, pay the money. Those three titles should easily make you feel like you got a good deal. Stealth Bastard did nothing for me but make me scratch my head over some of its design. For that reason I am not comfortable recommending it, but if you are a big fan of stealth platforms, you will likely be able to look past what I saw and enjoy it. Pulse is in the uncomfortable 'take-it-or-leave' category for this bundle.

The two beat-the-average titles, Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - Director's Cut and Frozen Synapse, definitely add to the bundle, but in both case I am unsure if they add enough for the general audience. I have little negative to say about Broken Sword so if you want it, get it. If you purchase the bundle for other reasons, go ahead and try this game out. The worst that could happen is you stop playing it. Frozen Synapse I definitely had some negative points to make about, but at the same time I could see the positive shining underneath. If you are able to focus on the positives and/or work through the negatives, pay the price and get this game.

Overall the Humble Bundle with Android 6 is not the strongest bundle we have seen, but certainly has its strengths. It is hard to see why you would not want to get at least the base games, while the two BTA titles may only be worth the few dollars more to a smaller group of you. No matter how you look at it though, the bundle is a great deal and even if it had only one strong title, it would be a great deal. If additional BTA titles are added at the halfway point, as typically happens, the bundle will only get better.

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