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Humble Bundle with Android 6 Review


Pulse (Android Only) Review:

Pulse is the only Android exclusive game in the bundle (at the moment) but because it is in the bundle, I am going to review it.

Pulse is a music-based game that has you hitting balls orbiting a center in time with a pulse released from that same center. Straightforward; yes. Easy; no. At least on a phone screen, it is easy to lose sight of a target because your fingers are covering it up. Of course it is recommended you play it only on tablets, but who reads those anyway? (Obviously I do or I would not have been able to tell you.)








Two things I feel worth noting about the gameplay are that it is not very exact and it is limited. What I mean by it being limited is that the game is not able to import new music to play, like Beat Hazard Ultra from the Humble Bundle with Android 5. The 26 tracks the game comes with is all you get. Perhaps one could write an algorithm to incorporate arbitrary music into Pulse but whether that algorithm would work well on a phone or tablet is hard to say. Even if the algorithm existed though, balancing it with complex music so it would not overwhelm the player, could be exceedingly difficult.

The issue of it not being very exact is a more important issue. I found that I was missing some of the balls as the pulse passed through them if the pulse had not progressed far enough inside of them. If the pulse was just entering, but had entered, for example, it would count as a miss. It is definitely frustrating to miss because the area the pulse had to be in is less than the area of the target ball.


The graphics are decidedly simplistic, consisting almost exclusive of circles and disks, though successfully hitting a target will cause an explosion of other shapes. Though not well captured in the screenshots, the game also has many colors, which appear as you score, so the better you do the more colorful the game becomes. (The reason the screenshots do not capture this is that there is no screenshot button on my phone. The key combination for taking screenshots has a delay on it, making it next to impossible to take a picture at the exact moment you want.)


The soundtrack you are able to download as part of the bundle does not represent all of the tracks in the game. Both collections though feature a variety of sounds to them, from driving to more peaceful. All of the tracks have a definite techno quality to them.

On its own, this game leaves me somewhat unimpressed, at least on my phone. The experience on an Android tablet could be much better, but I do not have one. I do see it having more potential on a larger screen, but also those who will most enjoy it will be the completionists who will dive in and replay every track to perfection. If you are not one of those people, I am not sure if you should take the time to sideload the game or the Humble Bundle App to download and install it. Of course if you have an Android tablet, give it a try.

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