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Humble Bundle with Android 6 Review


Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - Director's Cut (BTA) Review:

Broken Sword stands out from the other games in this bundle, as it is a point and click adventure. Instead of running around a screen, you have to search out what you want to interact with by paying careful attention to on-screen prompts. In this case those prompts are blue circles and when you mouse over them, an icon appears, telling you what kind of interaction you can have with it. Sometimes you can move it, take it, or just look at it.

On my phone's touchscreen it actually is not as simple as point-and-click. Instead of just tapping on the blue circles for what you want to interact with, you have to tap on the circle to bring up the interaction icon, and then click on the icon. That is minor, but it would be nice if I did not have to move my finger to the icon, and instead just double tap the circle. Sliding your finger on the screen does switch what object you are selecting, which is nice if you want to just swipe your finger around the screen to find interaction prompts, instead of looking for the circles.







The graphics have a cartoonish quality to them, similar to that of some Flash games. It works well for a point-and-click though, as it helps interesting stuff stand out. However I do notice some stuttering, like the game is running at a lower framerate, or just not in sync with the screen. It does not hurt the experience, it is just visible. Also, on the PC the only graphics options are the window size, with the actual game being stretched to fill it. The game's native resolution is 640x480. On my phone though, which has a widescreen aspect ratio, the placement of some UI elements, such as your inventory, has been changed, allowing the game to better fit without letterboxing or stretching.


The soundtrack reflects the story-focused design of the game, with multiple themes to it, so every track does not sound the same, as is the case in some game soundtracks. This may make listening to the soundtrack outside of the game awkward, as you will be transported to different places, but it is definitely nice to see the developers put the effort into situational sound design.


Having not completed the game, it is hard for me to comment on the story of the game, which is going to be its primary feature. It did receive a nomination for Best Story in the 2009 British Academy Video Game Awards, so it at least met that high a standard. The gameplay is enjoyable though, especially with the ability to save anytime, instead of just specific places. I could easily see this game being a good commuter title, where you just play it for as long as you are on a train or bus, then save and quit at your stop. If you do purchase the bundle, be sure to look at this game. I am unable to say if the bundle is worth getting just for this game, simply because I have not completed it yet, but that should not be taken as a strike against the game.

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