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Humble Bundle with Android 6 Review


Organ Trail: Director's Cut Review:

(If you do not get the reference, I am not telling you.)

Organ Trail is an 8-bit zombie survival game that has you and up to four in-game friends (not multiplayer, just named characters) try to get across the country to find refuge from the zombie horde. On the way you will encounter zombies, bandits, zombie deer, biker gangs, zombie bears, and dysentery. If anyone in your party ever gets bitten, do not worry, you can put a bullet through their skull to save the rest of your party. You can also just kill everyone to get an achievement and conserve food; up to you.








The gameplay is simple but detailed. You have to buy and scavenge for supplies, including food, ammunition, fuel and scrap for your station wagon, money, med kits, and more. Over time your party and your car will lose health, which can be regained in different ways. Health can be restored using med kits or by resting, and repairs require either an auto repair shop at a stop or you to spend some scrap doing the job yourself. One catch to repairing it yourself is that there is no guarantee your work will be successful.


Scavenging for supplies entails walking around an area while zombies come at you. To stop them you have to shoot them using the classic 'click-and-drag' method, though in this case you do not need to drag back from yourself; your cursor can be on your target. You also have the ability to take jobs from people in towns, such as defending their homes, which has you stationary, retrieving a dropped item, which you can grab without firing a shot, and taking on bandits. The bandits and you are in a standoff, and whenever you aim to shoot one of them, you are exposed to their fire, and vice-versa. Personally I did not have much luck with the bandits, but that is just me.

The gameplay between the PC and my smartphone is more or less identical. The controls for moving are different, as you have to tap the screen instead of using arrow keys, but it is not hard to adapt to. The game definitely has a sense of humor, with people bickering, running up to you with boxes containing cake, and a zombie bear boss. It is not as though you could really expect it to be too serious? Both versions include achievements, by the way.




As stated earlier, the graphics are 8-bit, so the game looks the same between a computer monitor and smartphone screen. You can set some graphics options on the PC with a launcher, but to be honest I am not sure what the difference is.

The soundtrack has an 8-bit sound to it, but sounds more complex to me than I remember from actual 8-bit games. Nothing wrong with that though.

Thus far, I have enjoyed the game, but I will admit that part of the enjoyment may be from childhood memories. If you do not have similar memories, this game may not be as appealing to you, but I still think it is worth looking at. Perhaps those of you without those memories will not find it worth buying the entire bundle for, but the rest of you might. Just ask yourself if you do not mind mixing your memories with modern zombie pop-culture (which is referenced in the game) and purchase/play accordingly.

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