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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10 Review


Skulls of the Shogun BTA Review:

Ever wondered what happens after a samurai dies? Me neither, but now we can find out thanks to Skulls of the Shogun. In this turn-based strategy game you play as General Akamoto as he tries to conquer the samurai afterlife, and become Shogun of the Dead. Along the way, expect some amusing humor, partially coming from an awareness of the game's mechanics.

The game follows a campaign story, and at least during the beginning you collect additional warriors as they decide to join you. So far I have found ground units with high defense, cavalry with great movement ranges, and archers with ranged attacks. Naturally the general is also a playable character, and is the strongest of all your units. Losing him will result in losing the fight, so be careful when you engage with him.

After killing an enemy, its skull will drop to the ground. You are able to have your units consume these skulls to regenerate some health, and increase their maximum health. This only applies for enemy skulls though, as it would be 'disgusting' to eat the skulls of your fallen allies. It is a handy mechanic and is balanced by taking the place of an attack, so a unit can only do one or the other.

One mechanic I have not fully grasped the use of yet, but is still interesting, is Spirit Walls. These form when you have units close together and are meant to block enemy movements and attacks, while also preventing your units within the walls from being knocked back. These walls should make it possible to protect units from attacks, by blocking enemies from getting to them, but as of yet I have not had the opportunity or the need to use them.






Unfortunately I have come up against a fairly major issue with the Android version of this game. For some reason, it does not accept arbitrary touchscreen inputs, so I am unable to select units by clicking on them, or moving units by dragging them. The on-screen buttons work fine, but that is about all. This bug is device dependent though, as my older phone was able to run it without trouble.

Not really


Although I have not tried it, Skulls of the Shogun does feature multiplayer. On Android you can pass the device between the players, but you can also set up the Skulls Anywhere online, asynchronous multiplayer. You play out your turn and then wait until your opponent finishes their's, even if that is hours later. According to the game's site, the Skulls Anywhere multiplayer is cross platform for the Microsoft platforms, so people on Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox 360 could play against each other. When the iOS version launched it was added to the list, but I have not been able to find any official statement that the Android version is also able to connect to the same Skulls Anywhere system. I have also not been able to sign into the account I made through the PC version. For now I am willing to chalk that up to the Android version suffering more than just the touchscreen bug.

Does Skulls of the Shogun make the bundle worth purchasing? Mostly yes. The touchscreen bug is an issue I just cannot ignore, at least until it is fixed. On the PC it ran well and was both fun and entertaining, so as a PC game it is worth getting. Without an equally strong Android version though, I have to take some points off.

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