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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10 Review


Fieldrunners 2 BTA Review:

Another genre that works very well on touchscreen devices is tower defense, especially the top-down variety, which is exactly what Fieldrunners 2 is. In this game you will be asked to complete various challenges, from survival matches to puzzle matches, using your towers and your wits. As you play you will unlock more levels and towers to help you progress, or at least make matches more interesting.

The mechanics are as straightforward as they should be. You build towers on a grid, and to help you plan, when placing a tower line appears that indicates the enemy pathing. This is vitally important on some maps, where you are actually able to direct enemies down the paths-of-death you build. It does appear that these path are not absolute though, as I have seen enemies take a different path than was indicated, but I believe that is because the enemies ahead of them bunched up. For the most part though, they are correct, but you may want to take this into account when building a map.

So far I have found the matches to be challenging, but nothing too difficult. It definitely helps that you are able to pause the game to build, upgrade, and sell towers whenever you wish. When playing Endless, which lets you play out the remainder of your lives if you have already succeeded, the difficulty will increase quickly, because enemies will just keep getting tougher each wave. Considering this is extra gameplay to get a higher score, I cannot say that is a problem.

Completing a map awards you with coins and stars. The number of stars depends on the difficulty you were playing on, while coins appear to be more tied to your actual performance. Collecting enough stars will unlock access to new towers. The coins are more of a currency though, as you are able to purchase in-game items with them, including some towers you do not have the stars for yet. Coins are kind of slow to collect, but this is not too surprising as Fieldrunners 2 allows you to purchase more with microtransactions and will award you with them for certain social media actions. At least coins are a unified currency.





One feature that is a little confusing is the 'Save and Exit' button. It does indeed save and exit you from the map, but it is not immediately obvious how to reload the save. When you relaunch the game you will have the option to resume where you were. What makes this confusing is that when you select save and exit, you do not leave the game, but just the match, so you are free to just play another map, which will overwrite that save. If nothing else it would have been nice if there were a Resume button on the overworld to make this system a little more clear.

Does Fieldrunners 2 make the bundle worth getting? I am going to say yes to that. It is definitely a fun game, and I am certain that fans of mobile tower defense games will enjoy it immensely. Also the game appears to have a lot of content in it, making it easy to pour a lot of time into it. With the relatively fast match speed and the ability to save, this is also a game that could be great for commutes.

Have you noticed that I have not talked about the differences between the PC and Android versions? That is because the versions only have the technical differences you would expect and want, with the gameplay being effectively identical.


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