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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10 Review


Breach & Clear BTA Review:

Breach & Clear is a turn-based strategy game, which is one genre that lends itself quite well to the touchscreen controls of an Android or other mobile device. In this particular game you play with a squad from a real military organization, such as the US Army Rangers or Navy Seals. The goal is to strategically and intelligently move your squad through different compounds, and remove every threat.

When you first open the game on an Android device, you will be asked to let it sign into Google Play Games; a Google service tied to your account that enables features such as achievements, cloud saving, and more. It appears this is mandatory for playing the game.

Once past that part and in the game, I was somewhat overwhelmed. The game was throwing a lot of information at me, from items in the in-game marketplace, to setting up my squad, to actually running missions. It would have been well appreciated if those features were given separate screens, instead of a single carousel. Just getting into the game I do not want to be wondering what the consumables are, but how to actually play. Unfortunately trying to learn to play did not work out, as the tutorial mission just would not load on my phone, so I just had to jump straight into a mission.

To be fair to the game, missing the tutorial was not that big of an issue. The game is intuitive enough that you should be able to pick up and play it, and learn what you need to know as you play. This is only more true if you are already familiar with other turn-based strategy games.




Once in the mission, the game started to show one mobile design flaw that is fairly frustrating. With only the touchscreen for controlling the game, every action is tied to it, including moving the camera and setting actions for units. Many times I found myself placing markers when I wanted to move the camera. It would have been useful if there were a 'camera mode' that would disable control of the squad.

On the PC, everything ran much better, from the tutorial mission to the camera controls, which benefit from the keyboard. As Breach & Clear originally launched as a mobile game though, the graphics of the PC version are not particularly impressive. They are a little better than the mobile version, but effectively that is what you have.

As far as the actual gameplay goes, it is a bit too deep to be considered 'straightforward', but it is still approachable. Of course one does want depth in a strategy game, so that really is not much of an issue.

Is Breach & Clear a game worth beating the average for? I am a little torn on that. If you are a greater fan of turn-based strategy games and/or have a tablet, then this game is very likely going to appeal to you. Lacking those two criteria, it is still a game worth checking out, on both PC and Android, but I am not quite confident enough to say the bundle is worth it just for this.

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