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Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10 Review


Draw a Stickman: EPIC Review:

I am not an artist, but fortunately a game that only requires drawing a stick figure is not beyond my ability. In Draw a Stickman you will do just that, and the figure you make will be your in-game avatar. You do not need to worry about being stuck with whatever you draw though, as you are allowed to redraw it when you wish.

The game begins after you draw your figure and move around a little. Being the only figure, you draw another to be your friend. This friend of yours is then quickly kidnapped by a book, and you have to jump into the book after it. This sets you on the quest of solving puzzles with magic pencils. The pencils have different effects from starting fires where you draw, to forming rain and storm clouds. You can also draw objects, such as axes and keys for your character to use. I do not doubt that there are more magic pencils than these, but I have not found any others yet.

The gameplay is naturally puzzle focused, but also has some adventuring to it, especially as exploring levels will uncover hidden collectibles. These collectibles include puzzle pieces, pages, and additional pencil colors, for redrawing your character with more variety.






Drawing on my smartphone's screen was comfortable, but I did occasionally have the problem of hiding what I am drawing under my fingers. For a lot of things in this game, accuracy is not that big an issue, so obscuring yourself is not a problem, but if you want something perfect, you may drive yourself a little insane. On the PC, the mouse is used to draw, and while it does work, I have personally never found mice to be all that good for drawing. Of course that is something about me, so if you are comfortable drawing with a mouse, this will not be an issue for you.

The graphics have the look and feel of someone who was bored in class and started drawing on some spare paper. That is not a bad thing. It is the style of the game and very appropriate. The paper grain, coloring outside the lines and other touches are all exactly what I would expect from a game of this subject matter.

Does Draw a Stickman: EPIC make the bundle worth purchasing on its own? Yes, but with the qualification that it is a good base-game. I would not recommend beating the average for this game, but fortunately it is not locked behind the average. It is definitely a game I could see people, especially younger persons, enjoying greatly. It did play well on my phone, but I suspect it may be best experienced on a tablet.

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