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Logitech Harmony ONE Review

Price: $249.99


As we have moved further into the technological age we have remote controls for just about everything imaginable. The problem is that eventually juggling the three, four, five or more remotes gets to be a little ridiculous. Press "On" for the television, press "On" for the surround sound, press "On" for the DVR or cable box...you get the point, it gets old quick. After the pain becomes too great and you decide to buy that new all-in-one remote control to help ease the suffering, it happens, BAM! The all-in-one solution you bought works with the television, but not the DVD player and surround sound. You spend that wonderful Saturday afternoon (of course that's when we make the purchase) putting in code after code or trying to make the remote learn the correct codes. If and when you get it working you realize that many of the functions that are available to you on each individual device's remote are no longer available to you. So finally, there are a couple of choices. Either the remote goes back to the store or you live with the reduced functionality of that nice all-in-one remote you just bought. What if there was a remote control that could make all of those problems go away? No more grueling setup punching in endless codes. No more reduced functionality. How about a remote with a touch screen that works?

Well Logitech has such an animal in its Logitech Harmony "ONE" universal advanced remote control. The One, at first look, has the traditional remote control styling but then incorporates a touch screen into the unit to give the best of both worlds. All of the buttons for the technofile and the touch screen for the the rest of the family for the ease of use. The Harmony One mixes the best features of the Harmony 890 Pro as well as the Harmony 1000. The only feature not included on this remote is the Z wave capabilities that the other two have. Can the Harmony One live up to the expectations and performance of the Harmony series? If past performance is any indicator, then it should do just fine.


Closer Look:

The Harmony One comes packaged in the traditional Logitech Green and white. The front view gives an almost 360 degree view of the Harmony One. The "One Touch" mantra is repeated on the front and back panels of the package, letting the consumer know just what the purpose of the "One" is. The side views offer a continuation of the 360 degree view as well as a view of the touch screen. 











Once pulled from the confines of the box, the Harmony One is secured by two shells, one on each end, while the charging cradle is in a partition of it own. Under the charging cradle are the accessories and documentation.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look( The Remote)
  3. Installation
  4. Configuration
  5. Configuration Continued
  6. Specifications & Features
  7. Testing
  8. Conclusion
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