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Nvidia GTX295 Performance Preview

Price: $499


It seems as soon as one manufacturer retaliates in the video card wars, the bar gets raised even further. This year has been a case of going for the top spot. Each time ATI or Nvidia come to the table with the latest and greatest, there is another card right over the horizon. We've travelled far enough, so that the horizon is right in front of us. The 4870x2 served as a wake up call and now Nvidia has an answer for that problem with the GTX 295. What is it? With all the rumours and leaks, much about this card is already known. It is a dual board, dual GPU solution much the same as the 9800GX2 that came out back in March. Yet this iteration uses two GT200 GPU cores that have gone through a size reduction and now are manufactured on a 55nm process. The GTX295 takes a little bit of its heritage from both the GTX 280 and GTX260. The GT200 cores each have 240 processing cores for a total of 480 that run at 576MHz. The graphics memory consists of 896MB per core for a total of 1792MB running through 2 448 bit buses at 1000MHz. The GTX295 supports both Physx and Cuda technologies and is designed to take advantage of both SLI and Physx operations, by designating one of the onboard GPUs to Phsyx to improve game performance and realism. Since this is just a preview of the performance of the GTX295, let's take a look and see just what it is.

Closer Look:

The GTX295 looks similar to the 9800GX2, but looks to feature a new shell that only encloses one of the two boards. For connectivity you get two dual link DVI connections as well as a single HDMI output. The rear of the GTX295 is blocked off so air appears to be taken straight into the fan via the sides.







The GTX295 can be run in SLI with another GTX295 in a quad SLI configuration. To power this card, you will need a power supply that not only has the required 6 pin and 8 pin connections, but one that will have enough power to run this card. The fact that you have two huge GPU cores running in a sandwiched configuration, means that the cooling solution needs to be updated and it looks as though it has, even though I cannot show you the internals yet. I can show you a blow up of the GTX295 just so you see how its put together.




With just a quick look at the card let's see how it performs in some of the latest games and find out if it indeed earns the title of 'the most powerful graphics card in the world'.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Specifications & Features
  3. Testing (Setup)
  4. Testing: Far Cry 2
  5. Testing: Left For Dead
  6. Testing: Crysis-Warhead
  7. Testing: Fallout 3
  8. Testing: Call of Duty World at War
  9. Testing: Dead Space
  10. Conclusion
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