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Grand Theft Auto V Review



Is Grand Theft Auto V worth playing on the PC? As someone who only has it on PC, I have to recommend it. I found it to be a very fun and entertaining experience in almost every way. There were some issues, but none I feel are enough to change my recommendation for it. (The Blitz Job crash is serious, there is a way around it and I trust it will be fixed.) Whether it is worth getting if you already own a console version is impossible for me to say, as I have never played it on a console. If you have been waiting for this release, or are looking for an open-world action game, you should seriously consider giving it a chance.

The graphics are very good and what blemishes that do exist are easily forgiven. Performance could be better, but as I suspect that comes down to my specific hardware and how I go for highest playable settings, I would consider this a concern rather than an issue. The story is both fun to experience and very well done. I really would have expected weaknesses due to its complexity, but none existed that I noticed. Gameplay is strong and solid, and really the only weaknesses here are more to do with the Rockstar Editor feature. I did have fun playing GTA Online alone, so I am sure it can add a great deal to the experience when played with friends.






  1. Grand Theft Auto V Review - Introduction
  2. Grand Theft Auto V Review - Graphics
  3. Grand Theft Auto V Review - Story
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  6. Grand Theft Auto V Review - Conclusion
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