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Grand Theft Auto V Review



Normally a game will tell you the story of a single character and the various events that happen to them, but with GTA V you instead get three characters to follow. Michael is a former bank robber who wants to leave that behind him and instead have a more normal and happy life with his family. To that end he is seeing a therapist to get through his issues, but occasionally the 'red mist' descends and he ends up killing a lot of people. Franklin is a fairly intelligent man who wants more than a life from the hood as a hood, and with Michael is a way to achieve that. He is also very loyal and his friends can always count on him to help out. Trevor is something of a walking Hell on Earth, as he tends to obey his emotions and greed more than any kind of reason. While it is safe to say he is insane, he is honest about it, which is more than you can say about some other characters in the game.











Michael and Trevor have known each other for a long time, and the prologue is actually the last job they did together before Michael faked his death. When Trevor learns the truth, you cannot say he was too pleased, and things do kind of go downhill from there. At times the only reason these two middle-aged crooks do not kill each other is because Franklin convinces them to focus on the next job, at least for the time being.

This dynamic works very well as it builds a kind of wall around the three characters, so that when other characters mess with one of them, it becomes everyone's fight. With three of you to tick people off, there are plenty of fights for everyone. You will be fighting multiple criminal organizations, corrupt government officials, a private military contractor, and one very rich man who leverages his power and connections to get you to do what he wants, only to stiff you later. The game does a good job making you hate these people, so it is that much more satisfying when you have the opportunity to tie up all of the loose ends.


You have the ability to switch between the three protagonists almost at will. Almost because there are times when they may be laying low or are similarly prevented from doing things. When this switch happens, the camera will zoom out to high above the world, pan over to the other character's location, and then zoom back in. As these characters each have their own lives, you may catch them at interesting moments. They may be driving, coming out of a store, or eating food out of a trash can… Trevor is not a normal human.


One of the things I praised about the previous game was how the voice work would not pause when switching speakers, and that is still the case here. It is so much more enjoyable to actually hear one person interrupt another than to have a pause between them.

Something that has been changed from the previous game is the dependence some missions have on the time of day. In GTA V the time will shift to what is needed, instead of requiring you to return at the right time.



Another difference from the previous game is that many missions do have an obvious significance, although it may not be immediately apparent. Perhaps a better way to put it is that there really are no meaningless missions as they all either serve the plot or serve the characters. Regardless, I always found them enjoyable for the gameplay itself and/or for the small story being told with it. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are three characters it is fun to get to know better.

Altogether I have to say I found the story of GTA V to be exceptional. It is fun and entertaining, does have depth, and does it all while maintaining three protagonists equally well. To attempt that is impressive and to succeed at doing so is amazing.

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