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Grand Theft Auto V Review

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This is one game that may not need an introduction, especially since it has technically been out for over a year. It is new to PC and has received a lot of development and additions to separate it from the console versions. Grand Theft Auto V features several graphical improvements and options console gamers could only imagine and the Rockstar Editor, which allows the player to record and manipulate gameplay clips, as well as make new ones with the Director Mode. It does have some limitations, which I will get into later.

The single-player gameplay follows three characters, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, which the player switches between as needed and desired. This puts an interesting twist to the storytelling as it is really three stories being told that have come to overlap significantly, but not completely. There are several missions only available to one character or another, because it is only their life that is involved. Their motivations are also separate, with Michael wanting to deal with his demons and have a life with his family; Franklin wanting to make more of himself than just some hood; and Trevor… Trevor just does what he feels like doing and what will turn a profit.

The game is an open-world action title with some light RPG qualities (ie: player-driven characters and world enhancement) that can be played third-person or first-person. It is actually a significantly different experience to play with one camera or the other. I mostly played with the third person camera for a reason I will cover later. I also mostly kept to the single player, but did venture into GTA Online a few times as part of Twitch streams.

Like the previous title in the franchise, Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA V has a Mature rating from the ESRB for intense violence, blood and gore, mature humor, strong language, nudity, strong sexual content, and the use of drugs and alcohol. All I really have to say is, yup, it is all there and definitely deserving of that rating. Seriously, if this is not appropriate for you, do not read this review, because some of that content will be in the media contained within.

With the usual introductory points covered, time to jump in and see if this is a game is worth playing.


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