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Grand Theft Auto IV 7-Years Later Review



Should we set Liberty City as our destination, or leave it to its crime and corruption? I am going to say it is, but I must stress the performance/graphical issues it has. The gameplay is easy enough to recommend, but having to set launch flags to use the graphics menu and disable shadows for it to be playable are issues that cannot be ignored or easily forgiven even. They are easy enough fixes, but both are fixes I can only feel should not be necessary.

The story is, separate from the narrative, nothing too special, but when you consider the actual storytelling, GTA IV does it exceptionally well. You get a real feel for the world and characters, even if they do end up betraying you, or you end up killing them. Plus the voice work actually seems natural, without pauses when switching speakers. The gameplay, too, is a lot of fun, but there are definitely some issues to it. Sure, these issues in a way come from the game trying to be a simulator, but sometimes you should embrace a game for being a game and bend the rules of reality some. (I am mostly thinking of the vehicle management here.) The graphics are dated and clearly ported from the consoles, which is not something in the game's favor, but you can get through it.

It may be old, but something worth returning to, if you are interested in it.







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