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GT3-BH Case

Price: $189.00 USD - Coupon Code- GTROCCNY2007


I have always wanted to go a LAN party with a bunch of friends to play our favorite games against each other in a social environment. If you don’t know, a LAN party is just that, a bunch of people all gather together at a place of their choosing and bring their computers with them so everyone can connect together to form a huge LAN (local area network). Then all it takes is for someone to start up a game, or to be fairer, a designated, userless PC will start the game to act as the server, and then everyone connects to it. The problem here is, many of us gamers have some pretty expensive, exotic and large systems, especially if you have water cooling. This makes carrying your system to the friend’s house out of the question. You could always get one of those micro cases, also known as SFF (Small Form Factor), and build a system around that, but the expansion and graphics options are limited to, say the least, and they usually will only accept a half-height VGA card and aren’t very future-proof. I think I have found a solution to that problem.

A desirable feature of a LAN PC would be for it to be small enough to carry around. That is exactly what I have to review in the form of a GT3 made by the GTR Tech Corporation. In fact, not only is it small, it is light and comes with a built in handle made for carrying it. Now, you may be saying,” yes, the micro cases do that too”. Well, this case has a rather large advantage as it is the only MicroATX size case that will accommodate a full size ATX motherboard! You are no longer restricted by the rather lame feature set of a MicroATX motherboard, the restricted expansion options, or the often behind-the-times chipsets on them. Another thing, many of the pre-fabbed SFF cases use a proprietary motherboard that is not user replaceable when the chipset in it becomes too outdated. This case will accept most of the latest, newest, and fastest ATX motherboards on the market. That alone makes this case quite future-proof, so you can use it over and over in your builds. Not only that, it will take a full height PCI-express VGA card up to 235 mm in length; this includes the cards based on the nVidia Geforce 8800 GTS GPU, which would make this one powerful PC to haul into a LAN party! A few cards will exceed this length, especially the 8800 GTX cards. GTR Tech History.

Closer Look:

The Package:

The package arrived via UPS and had the telltale signs to prove it; a few scuff marks and crushed areas but nothing too major. The box itself is just plain white with the GT3 logo on it. Obviously, GTR Tech decided to put the effort and money to where it would be best utilized, on the product inside the box. Once the box is opened, you can see that it is securely packaged, ready for all the bumps and thumps on its way to your doorstep.


The Case:

When I got this out of the box, I was really impressed with the finish. It is of an all aluminum construction, with the exterior being black-die anodized and polished, and with the front bezel being ABS plastic with a faux carbon-fiber finish. Included with the case is a power cord, an instruction manual, an adapter for connecting a slim CD/DVD drive to an IDE cable, an assortment of screws, and your all important screwdriver. The finish is very shiny and care should be taken not to scuff it up while removing the side panels or in handling, as this would show quite easily. The top of the case has the handle in a retracted position which can be lifted up to give your hand access for transportation. GTR Tech refers to this handle as a Wingdle, a term they have trademarked. Also on top is the air intake for the power supply. This is a nice feature since it will draw relatively cool air into the power supply, rather than warmer air from inside the case, which should serve to increase the efficiency of the power supply.



  1. Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: The Case
  3. Closer Look: The Power Supply
  4. Closer Look: Motherboard Install
  5. Specificatiions and Features
  6. Testing
  7. Conclusion
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