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G.Skill TridentX F3-1600C7D-16GTX Review


G.Skill TridentX F3-1600C7D-16GTX Conclusion:

I am impressed with what G.Skill brings to the table with the TridentX line-up. G.Skill offers up a fair amount of overclocking margin while still keeping the price points in check. At $169, you may not think that the price is in check, but a quick search on some of the common e-tailers puts the pricing in perspective as it is neither the lowest nor the highest price for a 16GB kit. At most stores it is the only CAS 7 1600MHz 2x8GB kit on hand though, so it bolsters that price point. When it comes to looks and functionality, the TridentX heat sink does an effective job at removing the thermal load from the memory ICs with minimal airflow over the modules. Rated at 1.5v, they do not generate a lot of heat to begin with, but when running them at 1.65v, they still do a great job shedding the thermal load. If you really want to push the modules to that next level and put them under LN2, then G.Skill makes that option easier with a removable upper heat sink assembly. By removing a pair of screws, the red section of the TridentX heat sink comes off, leaving a flat surface to place a LN2 pot onto the modules to chill them down well into the sub zero region. Not everyone will go there, but if you have the means and the desire, you get the capability with this TridentX kit from G.Skill.

When it comes to overclocking the TridentX F3-1600C7D-16GTX modules, I was able to pull close to 300MHz more out of them by increasing the voltage to 1.65v and the timings to 8-9-9-24 for a final speed of 1895MHz. It is seemingly not a massive speed bump, but on a percentage basis it comes out to over 18% for nothing but time and a little testing patience to ensure that the overclock is stable. That is something many of the high speed modules I have tested have been unable to do when you get down to it. As one of the lower speed bins, this kit uses tighter latencies to deliver performance rather than all out speed. If you want higher speed bins, G.Skill is only happy to oblige, offering TridentX modules with speeds up to 3000MHz and capacities up to 32GB to fulfill your memory needs. Equipped with a lifetime warranty to go with the stunning good looks, the G.Skill TridentX F3-1600C7D-16GTX modules can give you the best of both worlds: performance and looks!



  • Great Looks
  • Low Voltage
  • TridentX Cooling
  • Overclocking
  • XMP Support
  • Designed for Z87 Platform



  • CPU heat sink clearance


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