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G.Skill Sniper Series PC312800 Cas 7 Review



G.Skill knew the market segment they were aiming for with the "Sniper" Series modules. The gamer and modder who are after a certain look but do not want to sacrifice performance. With memory prices still depressed the cost of entry into a set of 8GB modules sits right around 75 to 90 dollars for CAS 9 kits and around 130 dollars for CAS 7 kits. The Snipers do however come with a price premium of $20 over the 130 dollar price point. Is it worth the extra money? That depends on what you are looking for in a memory kit. If it's a unique look that sets you apart from the crowd then yes the Sniper series do that and more. Then again it has been proven time and again that the gaming segment will buy products that are priced over and above the norm. Just look at the current crop of high end X58 boards that retail in the $499 and up range. It's a niche market that will pay for what it wants. Couple them with the ASUS Sabretooth or Gigiabyte G1 series and you have a set of modules that "Finish" the look. That being said the Sniper modules are not without performance merits to back up the look. The modules offer comparable performance across the board at stock settings but seem to lack a little bit of luster at the top of the range due to the looser latencies needed to get there. Even so, with some more tuning time to really nail down the sub timngs at 2100+Mhz more performance can be had. During testing the Sniper heat shield kept the modules cool to the touch even with 1.7v being pushed through them. Airflow from the CPU cooler intake fan is sufficient to keep the modules cool in a well ventilated case. If not, G.Skill's Turbulence II memory cooling kit could be employed to make sure you keep them cool. Putting the modules up against a set of RipJawsX modules initially showed them to be roughly the same height but the Snipers are a bit taller at 42mm or 1.65 inches tall. Still shorter than some of their competitor's designs so large heat sinks may present some challenges. All things considered the F3-12800CL7D-8GBSR modules delivers performance, massive headroom and a unique look but come with a price premium.



  • Interesting looks
  • High overhead
  • Cool running
  • Tight timings
  • Low voltage
  • X.M.P. profile



  • High Price for 2x4GB


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